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Peter in South Africa

Money saver for holiday shopping.   We are going to give our child our ‘old’ iPad for Xmas, with a new iMonster cover.   Problem solved!


Sally in the UK

I love the big grips/arms the iMonster frame has!   Easy for the children to handle as well.   The fact that it can stand by itself makes it easy when my two children watch the same movie – no fighting to hold it.


Trish in the UK

I have three young children who use the iPad with iMonster.   The baby’s drooling and filthy hands necessitate me to take the iMonster cover off the iPad, put it in a tub and give it a good scrub.   What a joy to see it all cleaned up and bright again.


John in the UK

I love the super protection the ipad have because of the iMonster cover.   After viewing the video about “shaking the imonster” and the ipad stayed intact – I am definitely ordering one.


Lulu from South Africa

I recently had an iMonster in my hand and the ‘feel’ of it was soft but strong.   I really like the texture.   The colors of the iMonsters were also attractive to me.   I am sure to buy one for my little girl for Christmas.  


Laney Review the iMonster

Dear stormcup,

Just a quick note to say that this item is ideal for my grandchildren, to enable them to both hold and access educational programmes with ease and to watch films with. Great fun for them and they love it.
Many thanks for a wonderful idea.
Kind regards

- laneylo0



Nick review iMonster

Dear stormcup,

Hi, I thought I left a positive feedback.
Happy with the product design and material. my 3years old is able to use and handle my brand new iPad3 without getting me worried. That said I keep the cover on when I use it myself practical handy and fun!

- nicb974


Andy Review the iMonster

The I monster iPad case is brilliant, holds the iPad secure and gives you peace of mind when it comes to protection but not only that it's fantastic ascetically. A real winner with the kids and pretty cool even if your a kid at me. Cheers, best iPad case I've had finally feel like I've found the hard wearing one Ive been after. Andy

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