So what is it made of?

So what is it made of?

So what is the iMonster made of?
When you feel the iMonster you wil feel it is squashy, although very strong. If you try and bite it you won't be able to leave much of a bite mark on it.

It is made of Ethylene vinyl acetate (also known as EVA) the same stuff that your crocs or crocs like flip flops are made of. It is completely safe and tested. Here follows a more indepth description of what EVA is.

It takes much longer to produce an iMonster because it is completely different from other plastic
products and processes. Where other products can be made and packaged in seconds the iMonster is made out of EVA.

This means the product itself takes about an hour to make one at a time. Also after that it is very sensitive for the next 24 hours and need to cool down very gradually.

EVA is self is not expensive but the 'machinge time' is which is the reason why the iMonster is consiferably more expensive to make than other cheap covers. BUT the result is a much nicer product.

Ethylene vinyl acetate (also known as EVA)

Product manufacturers use a variety of synthetic and natural chemical compounds to construct the products we use every day. Government institutions such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are charged with the task of ensuring the safety of these compounds, both before they make their way into consumer products and as long as they are sold to and used by consumers. Therefore, there is a bevy of information available to consumers trying to evaluate the relative safety of chemical compounds used in products.

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