The Cost of a Broken iPad?

The Cost of a Broken iPad?

We bought a beautiful new iPad 2 for us and our children. The thinking behind it was that our young children can learn to read and write, practise phonics and have a DVD player to watch.Also while we drive they have a games console  to keep them busy.

Two weeks after we bought it, one of the kids placed his or her knee on the screen while they where all playing a game on it, it cracked the edge of the screen.Broken Ipad

Dissappionting, but what can you do? Nothing too serious, we just carried on. Then a week later between the car and the house with full hands and shopping and kids - it dropped! Now seriously damaged the screen, cracked screen.

Taking it to the Apple shop or claiming on the insurance would cost the same - around £200! (Take in account the iPad cost £400 in the first place)

At the time we bought it, it did had a cover, but we never used it, as it is always in the way and useless. Yes, a beautiful leather and alloy magnetic cover sold by the Apple store, but USELESS!

So then we stumbled on the iMonster. (Wahoo!) It's made from thick durable dense foam. The kids love it. It can't break easily, all the jacks and chargers can easily be plugged in - which is different from our first cover.

Everywhere we go, people comment on it and ask us where we got it. The other day my son fell of the trampoline and got a mild concussion, just to be safe we took him to the hospital to get him checked out. Normally we take our iPad with us to keep him busy in the car and stop him from falling asleep.

Once in the hospital everyone, the doctors, the nurses all commented that they are going to get a iMonster for them and there kids!

Call me biased, but it is worth ever penny, since having this cover, it has saved me £200 of none-broken-iPad-screens!!

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