Heroes vs Monsters - iPad Game

Heroes vs Monsters - iPad Game


Heroes vs Monsters ipad game

Score 8/10 (Age range: 5-15)

Heroes vs Monsters iPad game has also been released on Android and PC!
My 5 year old is crazy about this game and get very excited when he plays it.

The Plusses
The game is very interactive, it starts very easy and get more and more difficult - very slowly so young kids can play on it. Kids (and adults) can play hours on this game

The Negatives:
I know it is the nature of the game, but are not very keen to let my kids (although they love it) play fighting games and or vilant games. I also don't like games with magic (witch craft) in.


Here are some general info about the game:

Heroes vs. Monsters is a single-player game that pits you against monsters in various castles. You will be able to control a party of four characters, all of which have various abilities and skills that can prove to be effective during battles. You will have warriors, healers as well as ranged fighters depending on the strategy you will be using against enemies. What’s great about this game is that it improves on what Battleheart missed out on and that is the ability to choose between multiple characters while playing the game. At any point during Heroes vs. Monsters, you can change your party from a collection of warriors you have hired in the game menu. So if you feel like you could fare better with a diverse mix of characters, you can do that in this game.

Heroes vs. Monsters is a title which is very reminiscent of games that have been released for the iOS and Android in terms of being an RPG title with classic elements of it as well as being miniaturized. The difference that this title has between the others is the ability to choose multiple character types and use them while playing the game. There are many Heroes vs. Monsters classes that you can choose from, depending on your fighting style and preferences. You will have choices between ranged attackers, melee fighters as well as characters who dabble in magic.

Heroes vs Monsters ipad game

Heroes Vs Monsters Tips

In reality, all you need are some very basic Heroes vs. Monsters tips to get you to the end of the game and play it like a boss. Here are just some general tips to make you a better player.

  1. It goes without saying that getting far in the game will have you receive damage, which is inevitable. The only way you will be able to move forward without a hitch is to always have a Healer in your party. The Healer is responsible for restoring precious HP for your attackers who are the main focus of the enemy’s attacks.
  2. A new member of your party is generally referred to as the “new Hero”. These characters some in different classes in which you have to beat them first in order for them to join your party. Make use of these new heroes by accessing your tent in the game and have them join your party to defeat different types of enemies.
  3. In relation to party members and new heroes, it does not pay to often change your characters every once in a while. Even if the new ones can help in certain situations, it would be to your benefit if you focused on four heroes that you use a lot and are considered to be your best team members. They should be the focus of your attention in terms of leveling them up as well as equipping them with good weapons as well as armor.
  4. Weapons are an integral part of being able to defeat enemies. While your weapon may seem to be perfectly fine for now, it won’t make much of a difference against stronger bosses. Upgrading your weapons to make them stronger and have larger attack points is essential in moving forward with Heroes vs. Monsters. In addition, do not buy weapons from the in-game store that has low ratings. It is very pointless to do so. Buy weapons that have superb attributes, which often come in blue or purple colors.
  5. Finally, learn when to back off from a fight. If you have not yet maximized certain attributes of characters or if you just don’t want to battle, you can opt to retreat without penalty. If you know you will lose a particular battle, simply retreat from it to avoid getting demolished.


Heroes Vs Monsters Classes


  1. Archer – if you are the type who wants to fight from afar as much as possible, then the Archer should be a part of your party. Dealing physical damage from a distance, this character can and will sacrifice health as well as defence to be able to dish out heavy damage against an opponent.
  2. Barbarian – when the name of this character comes to mind, the only thing you can imagine is a muscular man wielding a double-sided axe. That is true even in this game. The Barbarian is an excellent melee fighter and can dish out incredible amounts of damage against opponents. What’s more is that he can also give out area of effect damages as well.
  3. Bard – do not disregard this singer of songs as nothing more than a pest in your party because he does not partake in killing enemies. The Bard will provide the entire party with helpful auras such as increased speed and higher attack as well as healing the group quickly.
  4. Cleric – a critical ally in any RPG title, the Cleric is something you literally will not be able to live without. This character is responsible for healing a single member of your party at a time and can do so sustainably. Without the Cleric, getting through any level would be impossible.
  5. Fighter – this character in Heroes vs. Monsters classes is one tough cookie. Besides being able to dish out heavy damage during fights, he is also very resilient and durable. The Fighter can take huge amounts of damage as well which makes him an excellent ally.
  6. Mage – one advantage that this character has is that he is able to conjure magic spells at a very low price of HP and defence, unlike other characters.  The Mage is able to attack and damage enemies as well as those that are near the target.
  7. Summoner – there is nothing more awesome than having someone in your gang being able to summon monsters on the battlefield. The Summoner is capable of calling up to three monsters on average that range from the simplest of skeletons to the more powerful Golems. This is truly an ally you should always consider bringing with you during fights.

Finally, depending on how you choose to fight, there are always combinations between Heroes vs. Monsters classes that will be effective. Just remember to mix them up and not stick to one set of class alone. You key to improve in this game in constant trial and error, and experimenting with new classes, and new in-game tactics will make you a better all around player, so get ready to draw your sword and spill some monster blood!


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