iMonster is a versatile iPad cover

iMonster is a versatile iPad cover

Looking at the friendly iMonster, you realize that this iPad cover is a fun filled, cute way of protecting the iPad from rough handling by children, without making a fuss about it.


The iMonster iPad cover has the following attributes:


  1. The iMonster is a freestanding iPad cover on its steady two legs.
  2. The two handles are sturdy and easy to hold and carry.
  3. It is unbreakable because the iMonster is made from EVA foam.  
  4. Ideal to use in a car, take into a restaurant or else, to entertain the kids.
  5. Easy access to all ports, without removing the iPad.
  6. Size of the iMonster is ideal as the iPad 1, 2 and 3 fit into it with ease.
  7. The bright colours make it fun and easy to find.
  8. Easy to scrub (after removal of iPad!) when used by small dirty hands.
  9. The friendly iMonster has a lot of personality that entertain the kids.
  10. It is handy for playing different iPad games.  The two arms are used as handles for effective move ability.  See ‘The Top 10 best iPad games for kids’ on our website.



The iMonster is the ideal gift for a child who already has a iPad as it gives it secure protection while it is also super cute.

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